Storming® - The Quiet Storm Methodology

Do you want a scientifically proven formula to increase sales?


You need to understand how people think when they are buying if you want to increase sales. Which is why Storming® gives you a structured, easy to follow integrated sales and marketing system.  So you and your people can predictably inform, influence and persuade.


The Storming® process is about developing your growth strategy around three core areas:


1) Relevance - Who is your audience and why should they listen?
2) Action - What do you want them to do and why?
3) Persuasion - What is the best way to reach and influence them?


Giving you a structured, easy to follow integrated sales and marketing system.

The step by step process means you will understand which strategies to apply and what makes them work. Quiet Storms’ comprehensive in-house capability and experience, means you can spend more of your time focused on what’s important.


Storming® is a fusion of psychological marketing, scientific advertising and objective results!


Psychological marketing

The understanding of how people process information and emotionally react when making a decision. (i.e. The right message, words, images and colours).


Scientific advertising

The functional marketing tool used to deliver the message in the most effective, measurable format. (i.e. Websites, brochures, presentations, exhibitions, video, branding, etc).


ROI dashboard

A central online portal which captures all the relevant success measurements real-time from your marketing tools. It provides a single integrated communication platform for your business. This includes an automated sales pipe, the ability to set tasks and all communications to be logged centrally to optimise efficiency.


Most importantly, it’s a system that you can easily apply, explain and measure.

It's so easy we can teach you the basics in a morning!


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