Why call it Storming®?

Do you care if it works?


There were three influences behind the reason we chose Storming® and one key driver

The original concept was launch as a pilot scheme which provided some outstanding success stories. The results of the pilot pointed to business owners wanting the short term tools and quick solutions to solve their immediate needs. Coupled with a longer term strategic change in the way their businesses implimented marketing. However, the original name we had selected could only be registed (protected) as Quiet Storm SatNavMarketing® - so we decided to choose a new shorter name and below is how we arrived at  Storming®


1) Brain Storming – a way of thinking creatively

Quiet Storms’ approach is different, it works on getting everyone in the business to understand what’s important to your target audience and why. Then defining clear objectives and measurements of success. The aim is get everyone in your organisation to understand how their role impacts on the customers' perception.

The Storming® workshop challenges your management team to look at how they act, engage and function through the eyes of a client. With this change in their paradigm, the realisation fast becomes clear; it’s everyone’s responsibility to seek out better ways to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


2) Storming - developing a successful team

According to psychologist Bruce Tuckman, most teams follow a set path to achieve high performance. Back in 1965 he called this "forming, storming, norming, and performing." The Storming phase is where 'the way things are' may be challenged. Resulting in roles being reviewed, clarified and better ways of working identified.

This eloquently describes the Storming® workshop process, where the current way you do things is robustly challenged. The Storming® workshop process is designed to extract and share client knowledge. Under expert guidance your Storming® workshop coaches you and your group to identify better ways of generating opportunities and managing sales.


3) Storming® – finding out what makes you unique

Storming® helps you get the most from your time, budget and client contact. It helps you to identify and develop reasons for clients to choose you. It gives you the measures of success and the means to communicate this to your internal and external audiences. Most of all it gives you a proven process to follow and maximise your return on investment. Storming® is unique to Quiet Storm, it differentiates us from our competition. It’s also the process which helps you to discover what differentiates you from yours.


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